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About Off Wall Street Consulting Group, Inc.

Founded in May 1990 by Mark Roberts, Off Wall Street is an independent consulting, advisory, and stock research firm based in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

Off Wall Street's mission is to provide a wide range of clients with consulting services, and action oriented exceptionally thorough fundamental research at cost effective rates. Off Wall Street employs 5 analysts and produces about 25 new ideas annually. Off Wall Street has an exceptional track record and is one of the most highly regarded independent research boutiques in the United States. 

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Founded in 1990, Off Wall Street is a leading U.S. independent research provider of sell recommendations for investors, lawyers, corporations, individuals, educators, and others.  Off Wall Street has a track record that is unmatched among its peers. 


P.O. Box 382107 | Cambridge, MA 02238 | T 617.868.7880 F 617.868.4933

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