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  • Off Wall Street compares its portfolio performance against the inverse of the S&P500. The portfolio of OWS short ideas has outperformed the inverse of the S&P500 in every year but one since 1995. The graph above shows the annual excess returns of the OWS short portfolio versus selling the S&P500 index short since 2004. 

  • Off Wall Street publishes its performance each quarter in substantial detail, showing the cumulative absolute and relative performance of the OWS portfolio of stocks and batting average.


What people are saying about our results

New York Times


Diamond’s problems surfaced in late September when Mark Roberts, an analyst with the Off Wall Street Consulting Group, a firm that specializes in providing short-sale research, raised issues with Diamond Foods’ accounting.



Mark Roberts started Off Wall Street Consulting Group in May 1990... Roberts has shared his ideas with Barron's readers from time to time, and they usually pan out. He highlighted several in a recent conversation.

Bethany McLean's "The Smartest Guys in the Room"

On May 6th, Enron's "mindnumbingly complex" financial disclosures became one of the subjects of a skeptical report written by Mark Roberts, a well-respected short seller and researcher who runs a firm called Off Wall Street Consulting... One of Roberts's most devastating revelations had to do with Enron's cash flow. [pp.330-331]



Mystery: Who’s Buying All Those RVs? “"There's this puzzling gap between strong wholesale shipments and tepid retail sales," says Roberts. At RV industry trade shows this fall, Off Wall Street researchers heard about manufacturers offering handsome discounts to dealers who increased their orders. Thor's October-quarter revenue jumped 30%, but pricing was unimpressively flat. "Unless things are picking up amazingly," surmises Roberts, "they are stealing from next year's orders.".



"Investors are misled by this accounting," says Mark Roberts, an investment analyst whose Off Wall Street Consulting Group estimates that MercadoLibre's earnings last year would have been nearly 20% lower if the company had translated its results at market, rather than official, forex rates. Roberts believes that currency problems eventually will push MercadoLibre's shares as low as $50. "It just isn't the business that people think it is," he warns."



An Insurer's Feat: Turning Losses Into Gains “Last April, the shorts arrived. Late that month, AmTrust was the subject of a critical report by Off Wall Street Consulting Group, a Cambridge, Mass.-based outfit that since 1990 has provided its subscribers with hundreds of bearish and usually correct stock analyses. The report said that AmTrust's unusually big profit margins owed more to the insurer's accounting than to savvy or efficiency. AmTrust stock was properly worth just $17, said Off Wall Street.”

Additional Information

Founded in 1990, Off Wall Street is a leading U.S. independent research provider of sell recommendations for investors, lawyers, corporations, individuals, educators, and others.  Off Wall Street has a track record that is unmatched among its peers. 


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