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Long Only Investors & Others

Long only investors benefit in several ways from Off Wall Street research.

  • Buy recommendations: About one half of Off Wall Street's ideas are "Buy" recommendations. Off Wall Street buy recommendations are low-risk, high return propositions with a catalyst. These ideas are "value" propositions, characterized by low downside risk and high potential return. The companies that are recommended are generally ignored and unloved.
  • Reduced portfolio risk: Long only investors learn what stocks to avoid in their portfolios. Off Wall Street's remarkable track record in recommending the sale of shares means that there is a high probability that long only investors do not want these shares in their portfolios, and they will understand the reason.
  • Learn what and how the best short sellers think: Off Wall Street's research methodology is instructive. Long only investors who learn how the best short sellers think about stocks achieve superior results in their portfolios. Off Wall Street's research approach is highly differentiated from Wall Street investment bank research.
  • Deep dives into current developments of a particular industry: Off Wall Street's research provides a more thorough analysis of what is really going on in a particular industry compared to "street" research. Most "street" analysts rely strictly on management to inform them about what is going on in their industry. Off Wall Street analysts rely very little on what management has to say, and rely instead on independently developed sources for information.

Additional Information

Founded in 1990, Off Wall Street is a leading U.S. independent research provider of sell recommendations for investors, lawyers, corporations, individuals, educators, and others.  Off Wall Street has a track record that is unmatched among its peers. 


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