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Long/Short Funds

Off Wall Street has developed its research methodology over a 25 year period and has an exceptional track record in generating successful short ideas. Long/Short fund managers can expect the following benefits from subscribing to Off Wall Street research.

  • Experience and expertise: With 25 years of institutional knowledge, Off Wall Street analysts understand the unique problems and risks in selling stocks short. 
  • Thoroughness: Off Wall Street has 8 analysts producing only new 24-28 ideas annually. Each analyst produces an average of only 3 to 4 ideas per year. This allows for an exceptionally thorough and thoughtful approach
  • Reduced risk: The thoroughness of the research reduces the risk of being incorrect. Portfolio managers and analysts know that substantial work and expertise have gone into each idea that is finally published, which raises their confidence level and minimizes the amount of additional effort necessary to establish a position. 
  • Many ideas from which to choose: Off Wall Street produces about 24-28 new reports per year, about half of which are "sell/sell short" and half are "buys."

Additional Information

Founded in 1990, Off Wall Street is the leading U.S. independent research provider of sell/sell short recommendations for professional money managers.  Off Wall Street has a track record that is unmatched among its peers. 


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